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Ford Mustang Car and Truck

Manufacturer: Fordchange

Model: Mustangchange

Please choose the year and engine of your Ford Mustang

1964 6-cylinder except 200ci
1964 8-cylinder 350CCA 200ci
1965 to 1970 except 427 cu in
1965 to 1970 V8 7.0L 350CCA
1965 to 1970 V8 7.0L 440CCA Optional
1971 L6 4.1L 350CCA
1971 V8 5.0L 350CCA
1971 V8 5.8L 250CCA
1971 V8 5.8L 350CCA
1971 V8 5.8L 440CCA
1971 V8 7.0L 440CCA
1972 L6 4.1L 250CCA
1972 V8 5.0L 250CCA
1972 V8 5.8L 250CCA AT
1972 V8 5.8L 250CCA MT
1972 V8 5.8L 350CCA Optional
1972 V8 5.8L 350CCA Optional or w/ AC
1972 V8 5.8L 400CCA w/ AT
1973 L6 4.1L 250CCA
1973 Optional
1973 V8 5.0L 250CCA
1973 V8 5.8L 250CCA
1974 to 1977
1982 to 1986 V8 5.0L 450CCA
1987 to 1993 L4 2.3L 460CCA MT
1987 to 1995 V8 5.0L 540CCA
1989 to 1993 L4 2.3L 540CCA AT/Optional
1994 to 1995 V6 3.8L 540CCA
1995 V8 5.8L 540CCA
1996 V6 3.8L 540CCA Early
1996 V6 3.8L 540CCA Late
1996 V8 4.6L 540CCA Early
1996 V8 4.6L 540CCA Late
1997 to 2004 V6 3.8L 540CCA
1997 to 2004 V8 4.6L 540CCA
2000 V8 5.4L 540CCA
2004 V6 3.9L 540CCA
2005 to 2006 V6 4.0L 590CCA Optional
2005 to 2006 V8 4.6L 500CCA
2005 to 2006 V8 4.6L 590CCA Optional
2005 to 2010 V6 4.0L 500CCA
2007 to 2010 V8 5.4L 590CCA
2007 V8 4.6L 590CCA
2008 to 2009 V6 4.0L 590CCA w/High electrical content
2008 to 2009 V8 4.6L 590CCA w/High electrical content
2008 to 2010 V8 4.6L 500CCA
2011 to 2012 V8 5.4L 590CCA
2011 to 2014 V6 3.7L 590CCA
2011 V8 5.0L 590CCA
2012 to 2014 V8 5.0L 500CCA BOSS
2012 to 2014 V8 5.0L 590CCA except BOSS
2013 to 2014 V8 5.8L 590CCA
2015 L4 2.3L
2015 V6 3.7L
2015 V8 5.0L