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  • COM20025 70 Watt Power Adapter NV53A Gateway Laptop Battery Notebook Computer
  • NV53A Gateway Laptop Battery Notebook Computer Charger COM20025. This power adapter comes with the specific power cord to match your laptop. Runs off of 120VAC electrical socket to provide 19 volt and 70 watt output. Get fresh life from your laptop with a complete AC charger solution.
  • Item number: COM20025
  • Weight: 1.2000 lbs
  • Primary Applications: laptop power adapter, laptop charger
  • Replaces: 2510068611, 2510068801, 2510110001, 6500767, ACB40K, ACC13, ADP65DB, ADP65JH, AK065AP013, AP06501003, AP06501005, AP06503002, AP06503003, AP06503006, AP06503008, AP06503009, AP06506001, AP0650A001, AP0650A005, APA1401001, API2AD02, APT1902001, APT2303001, APT2303002, ATT2303001, COMPAC1914, FEDAC1914, HPA0652R3B, HPOK066B13, HPOK066B13CP, LCADT01001, LCADT01002, LCADT01003, LCADT01004, LCADT01007, LCT2801006, N18664, PA165002, PA165002CR, PA165022, SADP65KBB, SADP65KBD
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