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  • COM12009A Battery Presario CQ62 Compaq Laptop Battery Notebook Computer
  • Presario CQ62 Compaq Laptop Battery Notebook Computer Battery COM12009A. Choose a quality Duracell Ultra battery to bring new energy to your laptop. Built for exact fit, outstanding performance and run time.
  • Item number: COM12009A
  • Weight: 0.8456 lbs
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400MAH
  • Watt Hours: 48WH
  • Number of Cells: 6
  • Primary Applications: Compaq and HP laptop models
  • Replaces: 586006321, 586006361, 586007541, 586024341, 588178141, 593550001, 593553001, 593554001, 593555001, 593562001, 633216421, 636631001, 744894001, COM12116, CQ-CQ62, GSTNNQ62C, HSTNNCB0W, HSTNNCBOW, HSTNNDB0W, HSTNNDB0X, HSTNNDBOW, HSTNNE06C, HSTNNE08C, HSTNNF01C, HSTNNF02C, HSTNNF03C, HSTNNI78C, HSTNNI79C, HSTNNI81C, HSTNNI83C, HSTNNI84C, HSTNNI95C, HSTNNIB0N, HSTNNIB0W, HSTNNIB0X, HSTNNIB1E, HSTNNIBOW, HSTNNLB0W, HSTNNLB0X, HSTNNLB0Y, HSTNNLBOW, HSTNNOB0X, HSTNNOB0Y, HSTNNQ47C, HSTNNQ48C, HSTNNQ49C, HSTNNQ50C, HSTNNQ51C, HSTNNQ60C, HSTNNQ61C, HSTNNQ62C, HSTNNQ63C, and more...
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