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  • EMPDVU-JVC1 Battery Charger Everio GZ-E200/GZ-E200BU/GZ-E200BUS JVC Camcorder
  • Everio GZ-E200/GZ-E200BU/GZ-E200BUS JVC Camcorder Battery Charger EMPDVU-JVC1 All in one charger for camcorder and digital camera batteries. Charger can be powered from a wall outlet or car outlet. Built to charge JVC models and more.
  • Item number: EMPDVU-JVC1
  • Weight: 0.6560 lbs
  • Primary Applications: Battery Charging
  • Replaces: BLI160, BLI202, BLI265, BLI309, BN37U, BNV408, BNV416, BNV428, BNV438, BNV707, BNV712, BNV714, BNV733, BNV812, BNV814, BNVF808, BNVF808U, BNVF815, BNVF823, BNVG107, BNVG108, BNVG114, BNVG121, BNVM200, CAM10392, DCAMDVUJVC1, DVU-JVC1R1, EMPBLI192, RAY416, RAY712, RAYBNVF714U, RAYM428, RAYMBNVF733U
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