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  • NUREAAA-4LS NiMH AAA Battery 4 Pack KX-TGA931T Panasonic Cordless Phone
  • KX-TGA931T Panasonic Cordless Phone NiMH AAA Battery 4 Pack NUREAAA-4. Nuon EcoSense NiMH Rechargeable batteries provide outstanding renewable power. These cells have a low self discharge, which means they will keep their power longer between charges. Ideal for high drain, repeat use applications like digital cameras, MP3 and portable gaming systems.
  • Item number: NUREAAA-4LS
  • Weight: 0.1292 lbs
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Capacity: 800MAH
  • Primary Applications: Nuon NIMH AAA
  • Replaces: 10406, 231145, 2625, 3WA28, 5HB64, AAA750NM, BATT1032, DANSS22NMHP, HHR4DPA, HHR4DPA2B, HHR55AAABU, HHR65AAABU, L9IC37154, L9IC37244, MAAA, N180AAA, NHAAA2DA, R03B4A100, RAYIC37244A, SECHR4U4BPN
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