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  • WKA12-35C 12 Volt 35Ah Werker Battery 12V Werker SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • 12V Werker SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery Battery WKA12-35C with Female M6 Terminal. Werker AGM batteries are quality tested and inspected to insure the highest standards in performance. This U1 Group Size battery with handle offers speedy connection with a 6mm female threaded terminal and will keep you running throughout the day. Trust Werker AGM batteries.
  • Item number: WKA12-35C
  • Weight: 27.3000 lbs
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 35AH
  • Primary Applications: Wheelchair, Scooters, UPS and much more
  • Replaces: 1BB, 2UD5722, 530053401, 530402806, 6FM33, 6GFM33, 8GU1, A21226, A21232, AGM1248T, BAT0053, BATLIQ1017, BP3312, BP3312B2H, BP3312B2S, BSL1156, CF12V33U1, D5722, D5825, DCM00035, DG1232, DG1232J, DG1232JH, DG1233J, DG1233JH, DG1245J, DN5512, ELB1228, ES3012, EVA12-33C , GC12V31B, GNBSP12V50HP, GP12340, HEPNP3312, HEPNP3312H, HEPNP5512, LCL12V33AP, LCL12V38P, LCLA1233AP, LCLA1233P, LCR1233P, LP1233, LP1235, MU1SLDA, NP3312, NP5512, PM1233, POWPS12330J, PRC1230X, PRC1255S, PS12330, PS12330J, and more...
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