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  • Power Sonic 12V 7AH AGM Battery w/ .250 Terminal - PS-1270F2
  • Power-sonic AGM batteries provide premium cycling and high rate capabilities in one package.
  • Item number: PS-1270F2
  • Weight: 5.6500 lbs
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 7AH
  • Primary Applications: Emergency Light, Security, Medical and more
  • Replaces: 05201050BAT, 0M7084, 1020, 12621, 12803, 23275, 6DFM7, 6FM6, 6FM6A, 6FM7, 6V5K, 6V6K, B00007, BAT0062, BAT0370, BD712, BP127F, BP712, BP712T2, CFM12V65, DG127F, ES712FRT2, F6C127BAT, GNBSP12V7F1, GP1270, GP1272, HE12V77, HEPNP712, HEPNP712FR, HP712, HR1234W, HR1234WFR, LCP127R2P, LCR127R2E1, LCR127R2P, LCR129CH1, LCR12V65BP, LCR12V65BP1, LCR12V65P, LCR12V65P1, LCR12V72P, LCRB126R5P, MBCFM12V72, NP612, NP712, NPW3612, PE12V72F1, PS1265, PX12072, PXL12072, RB1270, RBC110, and more...
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