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About Apple Batteries

We offer long-lasting, quality batteries designed to meet or exceed your original Apple product battery specifications.

Apple iPod or MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Applechange

Please choose the model of your Apple iPod or MP3 Player

iPod Classic Fifth Generation Photo Color 20GB / A1099iPod Classic Fifth Generation Photo Color 30GB / A1099 / MP7001iPod Classic Fifth Generation Photo Color 40GB / A1099iPod Classic Fifth Generation Photo Color 60GB / A1099 / MP7002iPod Classic First Generation 10GB / M8541iPod Classic First Generation 5GB / M8541iPod Classic Fourth Generation 20GB / A1059 / MP102iPod Classic Fourth Generation 40GB / A1059 / MP103iPod Classic Second Generation 10GB / A1019iPod Classic Second Generation 20GB / A1019iPod Classic Seventh GenerationiPod Classic Sixth Generation 120GB / A1238iPod Classic Sixth Generation 160GB / A1238iPod Classic Sixth Generation 80GB / A1238iPod Classic Third Generation 10GB / A1040iPod Classic Third Generation 15GB / A1040iPod Classic Third Generation 20GB / A1040iPod Classic Third Generation 30GB / A1040iPod Classic Third Generation 40GB / A1040iPod Enhanced Fifth Generation Video 30GB / A1136iPod Enhanced Fifth Generation Video 80GB / A1136iPod Fifth Generation Video 30GB / A1136iPod Fifth Generation Video 60GB / A1136iPod Mini First Generation 4GB / A1051iPod Mini Second Generation 4GB / A1051 / MP5001iPod Mini Second Generation 6GB / A1051 / MP5002iPod Nano Fifth Generation 16GB / A1320iPod Nano Fifth Generation 8GB / A1320iPod Nano First Generation 1GB / A1137iPod Nano First Generation 2GB / A1137iPod Nano First Generation 4GB / A1137iPod Nano Fourth Generation 16GB / A1285iPod Nano Fourth Generation 8GB / A1285iPod Nano Second Generation 2GB / A1199iPod Nano Second Generation 4GB / A1199iPod Nano Second Generation 8GB / A1199iPod Nano Seventh Generation 16GB / A1446iPod Nano Seventh Generation 8GB / A1446iPod Nano Sixth Generation 16GB / A1366iPod Nano Sixth Generation 8GB / A1366iPod Nano Third Generation 4GB / A1236iPod Nano Third Generation 8GB / A1236iPod Nike Shoe Sensor A1193iPod Shuffle First Generation 1GB / A1112 / MP3002iPod Shuffle First Generation 512MB / A1112 / MP3001iPod Shuffle Fourth Generation 2GB / A1373iPod Shuffle Second Generation 1GB / A1204iPod Shuffle Second Generation 2GB / A1204iPod Shuffle Third Generation 2GB / A1271iPod Shuffle Third Generation 4GB / A1271iPod Touch Fifth Generation (No iSight) 16GB / A1509iPod Touch Fifth Generation 32GB / A1421iPod Touch Fifth Generation 64GB / A1421iPod Touch First Generation 16GB / A1213iPod Touch First Generation 32GB / A1213iPod Touch First Generation 8GB / A1213iPod Touch Fourth Generation 16GB / A1367iPod Touch Fourth Generation 32GB / A1367iPod Touch Fourth Generation 64GB / A1367iPod Touch Fourth Generation 8GB / A1367iPod Touch Second Generation 16GB / A1288iPod Touch Second Generation 32GB / A1288iPod Touch Second Generation 8GB / A1288iPod Touch Third Generation 32GB / A1318iPod Touch Third Generation 64GB / A1318