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About UPS Batteries

We are your supplier for backup replacement uninterruptable power system batteries (UPS batteries) for APC, Advance Power Systems, Belkin, Tripplite, Cyber Power and other brands.

To find the replacement for your UPS model, click on the manufacturer. Be sure to verify whether your UPS requires more than one battery. Some UPS models may require more than one battery and the wiring harness may need to be transferred. 

Belkin UPS Battery Replacement

Manufacturer: Belkinchange

Please choose the model of your Belkin UPS Battery Replacement

Battery Backup with Multi-Computer Connections (1100VA) F6C1100-UNVBattery Backup with Multi-Computer Connections (1200VA) F6C1200-UNVBattery Backup with Surge Protection (550VA) F6C550-AVRBattery Backup with Surge Protection (550VA) F6H550-USBBattery Backup with Surge Protection (750VA)F6C750-AVRBattery Backup with Tower or Horizontal Form Factor (1000VA) F6C1000-TW-RKBattery Backup with Tower or Horizontal Form Factor (1250VA) F6C1250-TW-RKBattery Backup with Tower or Horizontal Form Factor (1500VA) F6C1500-TW-RK
Home Office UPS 500VA F6H500-USBHome Office UPS 650VA F6H650-USB
OmniGuard Rackmount UPS F6C110-RKM-2U
Pro F6C325
Regulator 320VA Battery Back-up F6C320-SER-LCRegulator 520VA Battery Back-up F6C520-SER-LCRegulator Pro 1000VA Network UPS F6C100Regulator Pro 1400VA Network UPS F6C100-4Regulator Pro 700VA Network UPS F6C700Regulator Pro F6C425Regulator Pro F6C525Regulator Pro F6C625Regulator Pro Gold Series-Serial F6C425-SERRegulator Pro Gold Series-Serial F6C625-SERRegulator Pro Gold Series-USB F6C350-USBRegulator Pro Gold Series-USB F6C500-USBRegulator Pro Gold Series-USB F6C650-USBRegulator Pro Gold Series-USB-MAC Version F6C500-USB-MACRegulator Pro Silver Series F6C350-SER-SBRegulator Pro Silver Series-Standby F6C500-SER-SBRegulator Pro Silver Series-Standby F6C650-SER-SBResidential Gateway (RG) Battery Backup - REV AResidential Gateway (RG) Battery Backup - REV BResidential Gateway Battery Backup BU3DC000-12VResidential Gateway Battery Backup BU3DC001-12V
Tower Rack Series Replacement Battery (1500VA) F6C1270-BAT-RK
Universal UPS 800VA F6C800-UNV