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We are your supplier for backup replacement uninterruptable power system batteries (UPS batteries) for APC, Advance Power Systems, Belkin, Tripplite, Cyber Power and other brands.

To find the replacement for your UPS model, click on the manufacturer. Be sure to verify whether your UPS requires more than one battery. Some UPS models may require more than one battery and the wiring harness may need to be transferred. 

Tripp Lite UPS Battery Replacement

Manufacturer: Tripp Litechange

Please choose the model of your Tripp Lite UPS Battery Replacement

BC 1000/230BC 1000FCBC 1200BC 1200 lanBC 1250 lanBC 1566BC 200BC 200/10BC 200/28BC 2000BC 200ABC 205BC 205ABC 230BC 250BC 250A (lunchbox)BC 250B (6 pack)BC 250B (later)BC 250intBC 275BC 280BC 325BC 325aBC 3336BC 3346BC 3348BC 3366BC 350BC 3544BC 375BC 400BC 4000BC 400aBC 400a (4 outlet)BC 400bBC 400b (6 pk)BC 400intBC 400lan (later)BC 400lan (orig)BC 425FC/BBC 425FCBBC 425intBC 450BC 450 lanBC 450bBC 450DBC 500BC 500 lanBC 500/230BC 500aBC 500a LANBC 500bBC 500b LANBC 500intBC 600 lanBC 600 SINEBC 600bBC 600b lanBC 600b/230BC 600intBC 600saBC 675BC 675FCBC 675FCBBC 740BC 750/230BC 750aBC 750bBC 750b lanBC 750d lanBC 750intBC 800 lan (OPTION)BC 900BC 900 lan (plastic)BC 900intBC Internet 280BC Internet 325BC Internet 350BC Internet 450BC Internet 500BC Internet 900BC Personal 250BC Personal 280BC Personal 300BC Personal 420BC Personal 500BC PRO 1050BC PRO 1400BC Pro 250BC Pro 550BC PRO 600BC Pro 600LANBC Pro 675BC PRO 850
G1000U Digital UPS System
HP 2412HT850UPS
Imax UPS 280Internet Office 280Internet Office 325INTERNET OFFICE 350SERInternet Office 450Internet Office 500Internet Office 525SERINTERNET OFFICE 525UInternet Office 550VAInternet Office 700Internet Office 750VAINTERNET625
MPS 2000
Office Pro 280Office Pro 700Omni 1000 ISOOmni 1000 LCDOmni 1200Omni 1200 lanOmni 1500 LCDTOmni 450Omni 450 lanOmni 450bOmni 500 ISOOmni 650 LCDOmni 750 ISOOmni 750 lan (plastic)Omni Pro 1400Omni Pro 675Omni Smart 1400HGOmni Smart 1600Omni Smart 2000Omni Smart 280Omni Smart 450Omni Smart 500Omni Smart 675Omni Smart 700PNPOmni Smart 700SEROmni Smart 725Omni Smart 850OMNI900LCDOmnipower 1250 (metal)Omnipower 1250 (plastic)Omnipower 1250a lanOmnipower 1250b lanOmnipower 1350 lanOmnipower 1600Omnipower 2000 lanOmnipower 2000aOmnipower 500 lanOmnipower 600 lanOmnipower 600/230Omnipower 600b lanOmnipower 750 lan (metal)Omnipower 750a lanOmnipower 900 lan (metal)Omnipower 900b lanOmnipro 1050Omnipro 280Omnipro 450Omnipro 850OMNISM1000USBOMNISMART1050 OMNISMART1400OMNISMART300PNPOMNISMART700OmniVS Series 230V 1500VA Tower Line-Interactive OMNIVSINT1500XLOMNIVS1000OMNIVS1500OMNIVS1500XLOMNIVSINT1000OMNIVSINT800
POS500PowerVerter APS Ultra-Compact Inverter/ChargerPowerVerter RV Inverter/Charger
SM3510Smart 1050Smart 1050RMSmart 1250Smart 1250RMSmart 1250XLSmart 1300 LCDTSmart 1400Smart 1400RMSmart 1400RM2USmart 1500Smart 1500 LCDTSmart 1500XLSmart 2000Smart 2000RMSmart 2000XLSmart 2200 NETSmart 2200RMSmart 2200RM2USmart 2200RMXLSmart 2200XL intSmart 250Smart 280Smart 3000Smart 3000 NETSmart 400Smart 450Smart 500Smart 5000XLSmart 550 USBSmart 600Smart 675Smart 700Smart 700 USBSmart 700HGSmart 750Smart 750RMSmart 850Smart 850ASmart 850RMSmart 900Smart Datacenter 3000Smart Datacenter 5000Smart Pro 1050Smart Pro 700SMART1000LCDSMART1200XLHGSMART1500SLTSMART2500SLHGSMART3000RMXL2USMART500RT1USMART550USBWDSMART700DVASMART750USBSMARTINT1500SmartOnline SU1000RT2USMX1200XLHGSMX1500SLTSMX700HGSU1000RTXL2UA SmartOnline 1kVA UPSSU1500XLSU2200RM2USU3000RTXL3UHVSU5000RT4USUINT3000RTXL3USUINT3000XL
TE 1200TE300TE450TE600TE700Touchmaster 420TPLBCPERS450TPLOMNIPRO300TPLSMART750XL