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We are your supplier for backup replacement uninterruptable power system batteries (UPS batteries) for APC, Advance Power Systems, Belkin, Tripplite, Cyber Power and other brands.

To find the replacement for your UPS model, click on the manufacturer. Be sure to verify whether your UPS requires more than one battery. Some UPS models may require more than one battery and the wiring harness may need to be transferred. 

APC (American Power Conversion) UPS Battery Replacement

Manufacturer: APC (American Power Conversion)change

Please choose the model of your APC (American Power Conversion) UPS Battery Replacement

3000VA 208V SmartUPS Rack or Tower
APC Smart-UPS RT 8000VA 208V SURT8000XLT-1TF3
Back-UPS 200 BK200Back-UPS NS 8 Outlet 600VA 120V / BN600G (NS 600)Back-UPS Office USB 500VA BF500UBackUPS 250BackUPS BK200BBackUPS BK250BBackUPS BK280BBackUPS BK300BackUPS BK300CBackUPS BK300X116BackUPS BK400BackUPS BK400BBackUPS BK450BackUPS BK500MCBackUPS BK600BackUPS BK600CBackUPS BK650MCBackUPS BK650X06BackUPS BN1080GBackUPS BP650SCBackUPS BP650SX107BackUPS BR1000BackUPS BR1200BackUPS BR900BackUPS BX1500BPBackUPS CS Series 500BLK BK500BLKBackUPS CS Series BK350BackUPS CS Series BK500BackUPS CS350 BackUPS ES 500BackUPS ES 550BackUPS ES 650BackUPS ES 725 BroadbandBackUPS ES Series BE325BackUPS ES Series BE350BackUPS ES Series BE350G (APC ES 350)BackUPS ES Series BE350RBackUPS ES Series BE350UBackUPS ES Series BE500BackUPS ES Series BE500RBackUPS ES Series BE500UBackUPS ES Series BE550GBackUPS ES Series BE550RBackUPS ES Series BE650BBBackUPS ES Series BE650G1 BackUPS ES Series BE650RBackUPS ES Series BE650R-CNBackUPS ES Series BE725BBBackUPS ES Series BE750GBackUPS HS 500VA BH500NETBackUPS HT 1500VA 120VBackUPS LS 500 BP500UCBackUPS LS Series BP500CLRBackUPS LS Series BP700UCBackUPS NS 1250VA LCD 120V BN1250LCDBackUPS Office 280BackUPS Office BF250BackUPS Office BF350BackUPS Office BF350UBackUPS Office BF400CBackUPS Office BF500BackUPS PCNETBackUPS PCPERBackUPS Pro 1000 BR1000GBackUPS Pro 1300 BR1300GBackUPS Pro 420BackUPS Pro 500VABackUPS Pro 650BackUps Pro 900BackUPS Pro BP1000BackUPS Pro BP1100BackUPS Pro BP1400BackUPS Pro BP280BackUPS Pro BP280CBackUPS Pro BP280IPNPBackUPS Pro BP280PNPBackUPS Pro BP280SBackUPS Pro BP280SX116BackUPS Pro BP420BackUPS Pro BP420CBackUPS Pro BP420IPNPBackUPS Pro BP420PNPBackUPS Pro BP420SBackUPS Pro BP650IPNPBackUPS Pro BP650PNPBackUPS Pro BP650SBackUPS Pro USB BP350UCBackUPS RS 1300VA LCD 120VBackUPS RS 1500 Series BR1500GBackUPS RS 1500VA LCDBackUPS RS Series 800VABackUPS RS Series 800VA BLKBackUPS RS Series BR1000IBackUPS RS Series BR1500BackUPS RS Series BR1500LCDBackUPS RS Series BR500BackUPS RS Series BR500lBackUPS RS Series BR800BackUPS RS Series BR8001BackUPS VS Series SUVS650BackUPS XS SeriesBackUPS XS Series BN600BackUPS XS Series BX1300LCDBackUPS XS Series BX1500LCDBackUPS XS Series BX900BackUPS XS1000 (BX1000)BackUPS XS1000 (BX1000G)BackUPS XS1200 (BX1200)BackUPS XS1300 (BX1300G)BackUPS XS1500 (BX1500)BackUPS XS1500 (BX1500G)BackUPS XS800 (BX800)BF280C
Dell Smart-UPS 2200VA USB RM 2U DLA1500RM2UDLA3000RM2U
Matrix 5000 Module MX5000EUWMatrixUPS MX3000MatrixUPS MX3000WMatrixUPS MX3000XRMatrixUPS MX3000XRWMatrixUPS MX5000MatrixUPS MX5000WMatrixUPS MX5000XRMetered Rack PDU
Powershield CP24U12DPowershield CP36U52Powerstack PS250Powerstack PS450
RBC1 (Battery)RBC13 (Battery)RBC14 (Battery)RBC21 (Battery)RBC26 (Battery)RBC29 (Battery)RBC3 (Battery)RBC30 (Battery)RBC31 (Battery)RBC34 (Battery)RBC35 (Battery)RBC4 (Battery)RBC40 (Battery)RBC45 (Battery)RBC46 (Battery)RBC47 (Battery)
SC1000SC620ISmart-UPS 1000VA USB & Serial RM 1U 120V SUA1000RM1USmart-UPS 3000 Rack Mount 3U DL3000RM3USmart-UPS 3000VA RM 2U LCD 208V SMT3000RMT2USmart-UPS 5000VA RM w/Transformer SUA5000R5TXFMRSmart-UPS RT 1500VA 120V SURTA1500XLSmart-UPS RT 1500VA Rack Tower 120V SURTA1500RMXL2USmart-UPS RT 2200VA RM 120V SURTA2200RMXL2USMART-UPS RT 3000 VA 120V SURTA3000XLSmart-UPS RT 3000VA 208V w/ 208V to 120V Step-Down Transformer SURTD3000XLT-1TF3Smart-UPS RT 3000VA RacK Mount 208V with 208V to 120V Step-Down Transformer SURTD3KRMXL3U-TF5Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Rack Tower 208V SURTD3000RMXLT3USmart-UPS RT 3000VA RM 120V SURTA3000RMXL3USmart-UPS RT 48V Battery Pack SURTA48XLBPSmart-UPS RT 5000VA 208V SURTD5000XLTSmart-UPS RT 5000VA 208V w/Step-Down Transformer SURTD5000XLT-1TF3Smart-UPS RT 6000VA 208V w/ 208V to 120V Step-Down Transformer SURT6000XLT-1TF3Smart-UPS RT 8000VA 208V SURT8000XLTSmart-UPS RT 8000VA Rack Tower 208V SURT8000RMXLT6USmart-UPS SC 620VA 120V SC620Smart-UPS VT 30kVA 208V SUVTP30KF4B4SSmart-UPS X 2000VA Rack/Tower LCD 100-127V SMX2000RMLV2USmart-UPS X 3000VA Rack/Tower LCD 100-127V SMX3000RMLV2USmart-UPS X 3000VA Rack/Tower LCD 100-127V with Network Card SMX3000LVNCSmart-UPS X 3000VA Rack/Tower LCD 200-240V SMX3000HVSmart-UPS X 3000VA Rack/Tower LCD 200-240V with Network Card SMX3000HVNCSmart-UPS X 3000VA Short Depth Tower/Rack Convertible LCD 208V SMX3000HVTSmart-UPS XL Modular 3000VA 120V Rackmount/Tower SUM3000RMXL2USmartUPS 1000RMSmartUPS 1000VA LCD 230V SMT1000ISmartUPS 1500SmartUPS 1500VA 120V USB SUA1500X413SmartUPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U SMT1500RM2USmartUPS 2000RM BPSmartUPS 2200SmartUPS 2200VA LCD SMT2200SmartUPS 2200VA RM 2U LCD 120V SMT2200RM2USmartUPS 2200VA RM SUA2200RMUSSmartUPS 2200VA USBSmartUPS 3000VASmartUPS 3000VA LCD 120V SMT3000SmartUPS 3000VA RM 2U LCD SMT3000RM2USmartUPS 3000VA USBSmartUPS 5000VA SUA5000RMT5USmartUPS 750SmartUPS 750VA DLA750SmartUPS 750VA LCD SMT750SmartUPS 750VA US SUA750USSmartUPS 750VA USB Serial RM SUA750RM1USmartUPS 750VA USB SUA750RM2USmartUPS 750XLSmartUPS AP1250SmartUPS AP1250RMSmartUPS AP2000RMSmartUPS AP250SmartUPS AP370SmartUPS AP600SmartUPS AP900SmartUPS DLA1500SmartUPS RM Series 1000SmartUPS RM Series 1000 2USmartUPS RM Series 1500 2USmartUPS RM Series 2200 2USmartUPS RM Series 3000 2USmartUPS RM Series 750SmartUPS RM Series 750 2USmartUPS RM Series PS250SmartUPS RM Series PS450SmartUPS RM Series SU1000R2BX120SmartUPS RM Series SU1000RMSmartUPS RM Series SU1000RM2USmartUPS RM Series SU1000RMNETSmartUPS RM Series SU1400R2BX120SmartUPS RM Series SU1400R2X122SmartUPS RM Series SU1400RMSmartUPS RM Series SU1400RM2USmartUPS RM Series SU1400RM2UX93SmartUPS RM Series SU1400RMBX120SmartUPS RM Series SU1400RMNETSmartUPS RM Series SU1400RMX106SmartUPS RM Series SU1400RMXL3USmartUPS RM Series SU1500RMX155SmartUPS RM Series SU1500RMXLX157SmartUPS RM Series SU2000RMXLX157SmartUPS RM Series SU2200R3BX120SmartUPS RM Series SU2200R3X106SmartUPS RM Series SU2200R3X147SmartUPS RM Series SU2200R3X152SmartUPS RM Series SU2200R3X167SmartUPS RM Series SU2200RM3USmartUPS RM Series SU2200RMXL3USmartUPS RM Series SU2200RMXLNETSmartUPS RM Series SU2200RMXLTX153SmartUPS RM Series SU3000R3BX120SmartUPS RM Series SU3000R3X145SmartUPS RM Series SU3000RM3U SmartUPS RM Series SU3000RMT3USmartUPS RM Series SU3000RMTX136SmartUPS RM Series SU3000RMXL3USmartUPS RM Series SU5000R5TBX120SmartUPS RM Series SU5000RMT5UXFMRSmartUPS RM Series SU700R2BX120SmartUPS RM Series SU700RM2USmartUPS RM Series SUA1000RM2USmartUPS RM Series SUA1500R2X122SmartUPS RM Series SUA1500R2X93SmartUPS RM Series SUA1500X93SmartUPS RM Series SUA3000R2X145SmartUPS RM Series SUA3000RM2USmartUPS RS/XS External Battery PackSmartUPS RT 10000VA 208V SURT10000XLTSmartUPS RT 2200VA SURTA2200XLSmartUPS RT 6000VA 208-120V StepDown SURT6000XLTSmartUPS RT Series SURTD5KLT3USmartUPS RT SURT10000XLT-1TF10KSmartUPS RT SURT10000XLT-2TF3SmartUPS RT SURT10KRMXL6U-TF5SmartUPS RT SURT15KRMXLTSmartUPS RT SURT15KRMXLT-1TF10KSmartUPS RT SURT15KRMXLT-TF5SmartUPS RT SURT20KRMXLTSmartUPS RT SURT20KRMXLT-1TF10KSmartUPS RT SURT20KRMXLT-TF5SmartUPS RT SURT6KRMXL3U-TF5SmartUPS RT SURT8KRMXL6U-TF5SmartUPS RT SURTD5000RMXLP3USmartUPS RT SURTD6000RMXLP3USmartUPS SC 1500VA RM/T SmartUPS SC 420VA SC420SmartUPS SC 450VA Tower/Rack SC450RM1USmartUPS SC Series 1000 2USmartUPS SC Series 1500 2USmartUPS SC Series 450SmartUPS SC Series SC1000SmartUPS SC Series SC1500SmartUPS SC450RM1USmartUPS SMT1500ISmartUPS SP500DRSmartUPS SU1000SmartUPS SU1000BX120SmartUPS SU1000NETSmartUPS SU1000RMI2USmartUPS SU1000X127SmartUPS SU1000X93SmartUPS SU1000XLSmartUPS SU1400SmartUPS SU1400BX120SmartUPS SU1400NETSmartUPS SU1400RMSmartUPS SU1400RMI2USmartUPS SU1400X106SmartUPS SU1400X145SmartUPS SU1400X93SmartUPS SU2200INETSmartUPS SU2200XLTNETSmartUPS SU3000TNETSmartUPS SU420NETSmartUPS SU5000RMT5USmartUPS SU5000TSmartUPS SU5000TX168SmartUPS SU5000TXFMRSmartUPS SU600LSSmartUPS SU600XLSmartUPS SU620NETSmartUPS SU650SmartUPS SU700INETSmartUPS SU700X167SmartUPS SU700XLSmartUPS SU700XLNETSmartUPS SU900SmartUPS SUA1000SmartUPS SUA1000XLSmartUPS SUA1500RM2USmartUPS SUA2200R2X106SmartUPS SUA2200RM2USmartUPS SUA3000RMT2USmartUPS SUA750SmartUPS SUA750XLSmartUPS SUVS1000SmartUPS SUVS1400SmartUPS SUVS420SmartUPS X 2200VA Tower/Rack LCD 100-127V SMX2200RMLV2USmartUPS X 750VA LCD SMX750SmartUPS X SMX1500RM2UNCSmartUPS X SMX2000RMLV2UNCSmartUPS XL 2200VA RM 3USmartUPS XL 2200VA SUA2200XL-NETPKGSmartUPS XL 2200VA SUA48RMXLBP3SmartUPS XL 2200VA Tower/Rack SUA2200XLSmartUPS XL 3000VA Rack/Tower Convertible Network Package SUA3000XL-NETPKGSmartUPS XL 3000VA RMSmartUPS XL 3000VA SUA3000XLSmartUPS XL 48V Battery Pack TowerSmartUPS XL Modular 1500VA 120V Rackmount/Tower SUM1500RMXL2USmartUPS XL SU1400RMXLB3USmartUPS XL SUA2200XLSmartUPS XL SUA3000RMXL3U SmartUPS XL3000VA RM 3USmartUPS XLT 3000VA SUA3000XLTSU5000RMXLT5USurge Protector + Battery Backup 325VA 120V BackUPS BE325RSURT10000RMXLT6USMART-UPS RT 10000VA Rack Tower 208VSURT3000RMXLT-1TF5SURTA2000SURTA2000XLSURTD3000RMXLT-1TF5SYBATTSYBT2 (Battery Module)Symmetra 12KEX-PDSymmetra 12kVASymmetra 16KSymmetra 16K-PDSymmetra 4-16kVA (Battery Module)Symmetra 4KEXSymmetra 4KEX-PDSymmetra 8KSymmetra 8KEXSymmetra 8KEX-PDSymmetra Battery Module SYBT2Symmetra PX Battery Unit SYBTU1Symmetra PX Unit SYBTU1-PLPSymmetra RM SYH2K6RMT-P1Symmetra RM SYH2K6RMT-TF3Symmetra RM SYH4K6RMTSymmetra RM SYH4K6RMT-P1Symmetra RM SYH4K6RMT-TF3Symmetra RM SYH6K6RMTSymmetra RM SYH6K6RMT-P1Symmetra RM SYH6K6RMT-TF3Symmetra SY12KEX-PDSymmetra SY8KSymmetra SY8K-PDSymmetra SY8KEXSymmetra UPS 6000VA 240V SYH2K6RMT