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We have a wide selection of film camera batteries for most major brands and models including Canon, Polaroid, Yashica, Pentax, Konica and much more. It is easy to find a camera battery for your particular film camera, just click on the manufacturer and find the battery you need quickly.

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AGFA Film Camera

Manufacturer: AGFAchange

Please choose the model of your AGFA Film Camera

Agfamatic 2000Agfamatic 300Agfamatic 3000Agfamatic 4000Agfamatic 4000 FlashAgfamatic 4008Agfamatic 5008Agfamatic 6008Agfamatic 901 Motor 901EAgfamatic 901 Motor 901SAgfamatic 901 Motor 901SEAgfamatic Lux 901Agfamatic Pocket LuxAgfamatic Pocket Lux 560Agfatronic 11BAgfatronic 150BAgfatronic 160BAgfatronic 162Agfatronic 180BAgfatronic 180CBAgfatronic 182CAgfatronic 200BAgfatronic 200CBAgfatronic 201BAgfatronic 202Agfatronic 220BAgfatronic 221BAgfatronic 222CSAgfatronic 240BAgfatronic 240CBAgfatronic 250BAgfatronic 252Agfatronic 252CAgfatronic 253Agfatronic 261BAgfatronic 261CBAgfatronic 280CBAgfatronic 2BAgfatronic 301CBAgfatronic 302CSAgfatronic 320CBSAgfatronic 341CBSAgfatronic 343CSAgfatronic 352CSAgfatronic 360CBSAgfatronic 380CBSAgfatronic 383SCAgfatronic 401CBSAgfatronic 643CSAgfatronic B
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