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We have a wide selection of film camera batteries for most major brands and models including Canon, Polaroid, Yashica, Pentax, Konica and much more. It is easy to find a camera battery for your particular film camera, just click on the manufacturer and find the battery you need quickly.

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Fujifilm Film Camera

Manufacturer: Fujifilmchange

Please choose the model of your Fujifilm Film Camera

Big Viewfinder 50AFBig Viewfinder Auto 10Big Viewfinder Auto 35Big Viewfinder Date 35Big Viewfinder Date 60A
Clear Shot 50 AFClear Shot 60Clear Shot 70 AFClear Shot IIClear Shot PlusClear Shot SuperClearshot
Discovery 190 ZoomDiscovery 2000Discovery 270 ZoomDiscovery 290Discovery 290 DateDiscovery 320 ZoomDiscovery 320 Zoom DateDiscovery Mini Zoom DateDiscovery S1000 DateDiscovery S1050 Zoom DateDiscovery S1450 Zoom DateDiscovery S600 Zoom DateDiscovery S700 Zoom DateDL-120DL-160 TeleDL-190DL-270DL-270 ZoomDL-270 Zoom SuperDL-290DL-290 ZoomDL-312DL-320 ZoomDL-500 Mini WideDL-90DL-95 SuperDL-Super MiniDL-Super Mini Zoom
Endeavor 10Endeavor 100Endeavor 1000ixEndeavor 100EEndeavor 100ixEndeavor 1010ixEndeavor 101ixEndeavor 20 AutoEndeavor 210ixEndeavor 250ixEndeavor 260ix MRCEndeavor 265ixEndeavor 270ix MRCEndeavor 3000ixEndeavor 300ix MRCEndeavor 310ix MRCEndeavor 4000SLEndeavor 50AFEndeavor 60AFEndeavor Date 70
FotonexFotonex 10Fotonex 100Fotonex 1000IX MRCFotonex 1000IX TiaraFotonex 101IXFotonex 15Fotonex 20 AutoFotonex 200IXFotonex 210IXFotonex 210IX ZoomFotonex 250Fotonex 260IXFotonex 260IX Zoom MRCFotonex 265IXFotonex 265IX ZoomFotonex 270IXFotonex 3000IX ZoomFotonex 300IXFotonex 300IX ZoomFotonex 300MXFotonex 310IX MRCFotonex 310IX ZoomFotonex 3500 IX Zoom MRCFotonex 400 MRCFotonex 4000 IXFotonex 4000IX SLFotonex 400SLFotonex 50Fotonex 55Fotonex 55AFFotonex 60 AFFujica AF Date FlashFujica FlashFujica Flash Auto FocusFujica Flash IIFujica Flash SFujica Pocket Flash 250Fujica Pocket Flash 350Fujica Pocket Flash 450
Nexia 20 AutoNexia 2000ixZNexia 2000ixZ MRCNexia 220ixZNexia 230ixNexia 250ixNexia 250ixZ MRCNexia 265ixZNexia 265ixZ MRCNexia 270ixZNexia 31 AutoNexia 3100ixNexia 3100ixZ MRCNexia 3200ixZNexia 320ixZNexia 320ixZ MRCNexia 330ixNexia 4100ixNexia 4100ixZ MRCNexia 60AFNexia 70 AFNexia Q1
Smart ShotSmart Shot BFSmart Shot CompactSmart Shot DeluxeSmart Shot Deluxe CompactSmart Shot Deluxe IISmart Shot IIISmart Shot llSmart Shot PlusSmart Shot SuperiorSmart Shot SupremeSmart Shot Supreme Compact
Zoom Date 100Zoom Date 110 SRZoom Date 110EZZoom Date 115 SuperZoom Date 120Zoom Date 120VZoom Date 125 SRZoom Date 125 SuperZoom Date 1300Zoom Date 135VZoom Date 140Zoom Date 145Zoom Date 160EZZoom Date 160SZoom Date 60Zoom Date 60EZZoom Date 60WZoom Date 70Zoom Date 76SZoom Date 90Zoom Date 90 SuperZoom Date 90EZZoom Date F2.8Zoom Date S1050Zoom Date S1200Zoom Date S1450Zoom Date S600