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About Kodak Batteries

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a wide selection of long-lasting, quality batteries for Kodak digital cameras, film cameras, camcorders and more.

Our batteries are designed to accurately fit, and will meet or exceed original battery specifications. It’s easy to find your digital camera or film camera battery - just choose the model of your device.

Kodak Batteries by Category

Popular Kodak EasyShare Cameras

Kodak Film Camera

Manufacturer: Kodakchange

Please choose the model of your Kodak Film Camera

100104107511001501541600 Auto1700
20002000 Auto2100 Auto
4000ix Zoom4044700ix4700ix Zoom4800ix Zoom
5600 MRX Text Date5600 MRX Zoom5800 MRX Zoom
Adavantix T40 Fix FocusAdvantix 1100Advantix 1600Advantix 1600 AutoAdvantix 1700Advantix 2000 AutoAdvantix 2100Advantix 2100 AutoAdvantix 3100 AFAdvantix 3200 AFAdvantix 3300 AFAdvantix 3400 AFAdvantix 3600 IXAdvantix 3700 IXAdvantix 3800 IXAdvantix 4100 IXAdvantix 4100 IX ZoomAdvantix 4700 IXAdvantix 4800 IXAdvantix 4800 IX ZoomAdvantix 5600 MRXAdvantix 5800 MRXAdvantix C650 ZoomAdvantix C700 ZoomAdvantix C750Advantix C800Advantix F300 AutoAdvantix F350Advantix F600Advantix F620 ZoomAdvantix PreviewAdvantix T40Advantix T500Advantix T550Advantix T550 AFAdvantix T700AF1AF2AnalystAutomatic 35FAutomatic 35R4
BreezeBrownie FiestaBrownie Fiesta FlasholderBrownie ReflexBrownie Starmite 11
C20C30C35C400AFC50C55Cameo Auto FocusCameo Focus Free/EFMCameo ManualCameo Motor 110Cameo Motor 110XRMCameo Motor EXCameo Motor SMFCameo Motordrive/SFMCameo ZoomCameo Zoom PlusChallenger DiscColorburst 100 InstantColorburst 200 InstantColorburst 250Colorburst 300 InstantColorburst 350 InstantColorburst 50 Instant
D40D45D60D65D70D75DC120DC200DC265 ZoomDC50DCS315Disc 3000Disc 3100Disc 3600
Early MEarly M5Early M8Ek4 InstantEK6 InstantEktagraphic VisualmakerEktalite 500Ektalite 600Ektammite FlasholderEktasound 13Ektasound 140Ektasound 160Ektasound 250Ektasound 260Ektasound Battery PackEktra 1Ektra 2Ektra 200Ektra 22-EFEktra ElectronicEktralite 10Ektralite 30Ektralite 400Ektralite 450EktramaticEktramaxEktronEktron 11AEktron 11BEktron AEktron BEktron ll AEktron ll BElectric 8 Automatic and ZoomElectric 8 Zoom 8mmElectric Eye RemoteExplorerExplorer Medalist
Hawkeye Disc 7000Hawkeye Flashfun 1Hawkeye Flashfun 2Hawkeye FlashgunHawkeye Flashgun 11Hawkeye InstamaticHawkeye Instamatic FlashHawkeye Instamatic FlasholderHawkeye Instamatic FR4/FHawkeye Instamatic Model B
Illuminated Pocket ViewerInstamatic 100Instamatic 104Instamatic 150Instamatic 154Instamatic 194Instamatic 200Instamatic 204Instamatic 220Instamatic 224Instamatic 250Instamatic 300Instamatic 304Instamatic 324Instamatic 325Instamatic 400Instamatic 404Instamatic 700Instamatic 704Instamatic 800Instamatic 804Instamatic M12 Super 8Instamatic M14 Super 8Instamatic M16 Super 8Instamatic M18 Super 8Instamatic M2Instamatic M20 Super 8Instamatic M22Instamatic M24Instamatic M26 Super 8Instamatic M30 Super 8Instamatic M4Instamatic M5Instamatic M6Instamatic M7Instamatic M8Instamatic M9Instant Flash AInstant Flash BInstatech-X Close-Up
K300K40K400K500K60K80KB 10 35MMKB10KB12KB20KB30KE20KE40KE50Kodalite Midget HolderKodalite Super M40Kodalux 3Kodamatic Champs 940 InstantKodamatic Champs 960 InstantKodamatic Champs 970L InstantKodamatic Champs 980L InstantKodamatic Partystar Instant
Medalist Tele DiscModel B for Flash for Colorburst 100Model B for flash for Colorburst 200MonitorMotormatic 35FMotormatic 35R4
Our Gang 320
Party Flash llPartystar InstantPartytimePartytime ll InstantPazzazzPhoto FXPleaser InstantPleaser llPro-Star 111Pro-Star 222Pro-Star 333Pro-Star 444Pro-Star 555
Retina 11F
S100EFS1100XLS300MDS400SLS500AFS900S900 TeleSF 510SF 535SF 575SportStar 1035ZStar 1035ZDStar 105ZDStar 110Star 110EFStar 200Star 200FFStar 235Star 245Star 275Star 275EFStar 300MDStar 320MDStar 335EFStar 35Star 35 EFStar 350MDStar 35ZStar 435Star 500 AFStar 520AFStar 535Star 550AFStar 635Star 710Star 735Star 810AFStar 835AFStar 835FStar 935Star AFStar Auto ColorStar Auto Color Auto FocusStar Auto Color MotorStar Auto FocusStar Focus FreeStar MotordriveStar Motordrive SFStar Zoom 70Stylelite PocketSuper M40Supermatic 24Supermite Flasholder
Tele Challenger DiscTele DiscTele Ektra 1Tele Ektra 2Tele Ektra 300Tele Ektralite 20Tele Ektralite 30Tele Ektralite 40Tele Ektralite 600Tele Stylelite PocketTele Stylelite Pocket AF2Trimprint Instant 920Trimprint Instant 940
Vertical 110VR35