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Kalimar Film Camera

Manufacturer: Kalimarchange

Please choose the model of your Kalimar Film Camera

"MC" Kalimatic
00403 190A Auto00407 175 Bounce00410 Quick Flash00411 171A Auto01440 SDZ/Pentax01441 SDZ-45/Canon01442 SDZ-45/Olympus01444 SDZ-45/Nikon01465 AFZ6000 EOS02464 AFF Pentax AF02466 AFF Maxxum02467 AFF Nikon AF
1468 AFZ 2020 Nikkon AFT170MD171 Quick Flash173175175 A Auto Thyristor Bounce175 Bounce Head Univ. Electr.175A Automatic190A190A Automatic Bounce Univ. Electr.
3D Wizard
AFFAFF Canon EOSAFZAFZ2020AFZ6000AFZ7000APS Auto FocusAPS Focus FreeAuto 35AW10AW10 All Weather/Underwater
Barbie 100Barbie Hollywood Star Combo
Clear Twins Lens Tele/WideCompact 8
F KalimaticFF10FF10 Fun PackFF10 Looker ComboFF10 W/Flash
K3015 ViewerK3035 ViewerK3045 ViewerK3050 ViewerK3060 ViewerK400 173AK401 175AK402 T36K402 T816K402A T816AK403 T-3300K404 TW-3000K405 TW-3600K408 173 Quick FlashK408 Mini MiteK408 StrobeK408A 173 QuickK409 Auto 52K409 StrobeK412K414K415K418K428K429 170MDK430 33MDTK431 CdS MeterK432K433 ZoneK434 SDZ-45K436 SDZ-56K437K4381K445 GT-50K445 StrobeK446S StrobeK446S Ultra MiteK448K449 Kodak HandleK449 StrobeK450K450 Auto P33K450 StrobeK452K453 Auto SP45K453 StrobeK454K455 Auto SPT45K455 StrobeK460K460 Kodak 200K460 Kodak EK4K460 Kodak EK6K460 Mini 35 ND FlashK460 Mini 35 StrobeK460 Mini PakK460 Mini StrobeK460SK460S Kodak 100K460S StrobeK462K464K465 AFZ-6000K465 AFZ-6000 StrobeK465S Pronto SonarK465S Pronto StrobeK466 AFZ-7000K468 AFZ-2000K470K471K472K473K474K474 SX-70K474SK474S SonarK475K475 AF-6000K476K476 AF-7000K476S Maxi MiteK476S StrobeK478 AF-2020K47B AF-2020K606K607K608K609K610K611K628K629K631K632 UF-2K634K635K635AK635KFK636K640K650K650 Zenit 2000 CLTK650 Zenit TTLK672K683K684K686K688K701K701 Power WinderK703K705K707K709K90 SLRKPF 35
PM-Mini PakPower Winder for CanonPower Winder for MinoltaPower Zoom
SDZ45SDZ56 Twin ThyristorSpirit 1Spirit 2 AutomaticSpirit 35Spirit 35 Focus FreeSpirit 35 KitSpirit AFSpirit AFDSpirit ATSpirit FSpirit Focus FreeSpirit FPSpirit QD AutomaticSpirit QD DatabackSpirit S MotorizedSpirit SPSpirit STSprint 1 MotorizedSprint 2 AutomaticSprint 35 Focus FreeSprint 35 KitSprint A Auto FocusSprint AF Auto FocusSprint AFD Auto FocusSprint D MotorizedSprint FSprint F Focus FreeSprint F Fun PackSprint F/Looker ComboSprint QD AutomaticSprint QD DatabackSprint S MotorizedSprint TD AutomaticSprint TS AutomaticSprint TW-77Super 40Super View 35mm AutomaticSX-70 Sonar
T36T36 Auto Thyristor ZoomTV Zoom ReflexTW-3600 Auto ThyristorTwin Lens Tele/Wide