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Digital camera batteries are typically designed for each brand and model.

We offer a large selection of replacement digital camera batteries for most models on the market today.

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Fujifilm Digital Camera

Manufacturer: Fujifilmchange

Please choose the model of your Fujifilm Digital Camera

3000ix Zoom MRC310 MRC
50AF Auto 1050AF Auto 550AF Auto 750AF Auto 8
90 Ace91 Ace9HD-M
A100A170A175A220A2650Axia IX 10Axia IX 100AZAZ1
Big Job DS260HD
Calderea HDCompact De Deluxe Lens Shutters
Date 60FDigital In-PrinterDS-220DS-230DS-260DS-270DS-300DS-330DS-560DS-565DS-7DX-10DX-5DX-7DX-8DX-9DX-9 Zoom
FinePix 1300FinePix 1400FinePix 1400ZoomFinePix 1500FinePix 1700ZFinePix 200FinePix 202FinePix 2200FinePix 2300FinePix 2400FinePix 2400ZoomFinePix 2600FinePix 2600ZoomFinePix 2650FinePix 2650ZoomFinePix 2700FinePix 2800FinePix 2800ZoomFinePix 2900ZFinePix 30iFinePix 3800FinePix 3800 ZoomFinePix 401FinePix 402FinePix 40iFinePix 4500FinePix 4700FinePix 4700 ZoomFinePix 4800FinePix 4800 ZoomFinePix 4900FinePix 4900 ZoomFinePix 50FDFinePix 50iFinePix 601FinePix 6800FinePix 6800 ZoomFinePix 6900 ZoomFinePix 700FinePix A101FinePix A120FinePix A150FinePix A200FinePix A201FinePix A202FinePix A203FinePix A204FinePix A205FinePix A205SFinePix A210FinePix A210ZoomFinePix A303FinePix A310 ZoomFinePix A330FinePix A330ZoomFinePix A340FinePix A340ZoomFinePix A345FinePix A350FinePix A360FinePix A400FinePix A403FinePix A500FinePix A600 ZoomFinePix A610FinePix A700FinePix A800FinePix A820FinePix A900FinePix A920FinePix AV100FinePix AV105FinePix AV150FinePix AV200FinePix AV205FinePix AV230FinePix AV250FinePix AV255FinePix AV280FinePix AV285FinePix AX200FinePix AX250FinePix AX300FinePix AX305FinePix AX330FinePix AX335FinePix AX350FinePix AX355FinePix AX380FinePix AX385FinePix AX550FinePix AX650FinePix AX660FinePix E500FinePix E500 ZoomFinePix E510FinePix E510 ZoomFinePix E550FinePix E550 ZoomFinePix E610ZoomFinePix E900FinePix E900 ZoomFinePix F10FinePix F100FDFinePix F100FDLFinePix F10ZoomFinePix F20FinePix F200EXRFinePix F250FDFinePix F30FinePix F300EXRFinePix F305EXRFinePix F31FDFinePix F40FinePix F401FinePix F401 ZoomFinePix F401ZFinePix F402FinePix F40FDFinePix F410FinePix F410 ZoomFinePix F420 ZoomFinePix F440FinePix F440ZoomFinePix F45FinePix F450FinePix F450ZoomFinePix F455FinePix F455 BlackFinePix F455ZoomFinePix F460FinePix F470FinePix F470 ZoomFinePix F47fdFinePix F480FinePix F500EXRFinePix F505EXR FinePix F50FDFinePix F50SEFinePix F550EXRFinePix F600 ZoomFinePix F600EXRFinePix F601FinePix F601 ZoomFinePix F605EXRFinePix F60FDFinePix F610FinePix F610 ZoomFinePix F650FinePix F650 ZoomFinePix F660EXRFinePix F665EXRFinePix F700FinePix F700 ZoomFinePix F70EXRFinePix F710FinePix F72FinePix F750EXRFinePix F75EXRFinePix F770EXRFinePix F775EXRFinePix F800EXRFinePix F80EXRFinePix F810FinePix F810 ZoomFinePix F811FinePix F850EXRFinePix F85EXRFinePix F900EXRFinePix HS10FinePix HS11FinePix HS20EXRFinePix HS22EXRFinePix HS25EXRFinePix HS28EXRFinePix HS30EXRFinePix HS33EXRFinePix ISFinePix J10FinePix J100FinePix J100WFinePix J110WFinePix J120FinePix J120FDFinePix J15FinePix J150FDFinePix J150WFinePix J15FDFinePix J20Finepix J210Finepix J250Finepix J26FinePix J27Finepix J30Finepix J35FinePix J38FinePix J40FinePix J50FinePix J550FinePix J580FinePix J590FinePix J700FinePix J710FinePix J80RFinePix JV100FinePix JV105FinePix JV150FinePix JV200FinePix JV205FinePix JV250FinePix JV255FinePix JV305FinePix JX200FinePix JX205FinePix JX250FinePix JX280FinePix JX300FinePix JX305FinePix JX310FinePix JX350FinePix JX355FinePix JX370FinePix JX375FinePix JX400FinePix JX405FinePix JX420FinePix JX500FinePix JX520FinePix JX550FinePix JX580FinePix JX590FinePix JX660FinePix JX680FinePix JX700FinePix JX710FinePix JZ100FinePix JZ110FinePix JZ250FinePix JZ260FinePix JZ300FinePix JZ305FinePix JZ500FinePix JZ505FinePix JZ700FinePix M603FinePix Real 3D W1FinePix Real 3D W3FinePix S1FinePix S1 ProFinePix S1000FDFinePix S100FSFinePix S1500FinePix S1600FinePix S1700FinePix S1770FinePix S1800FinePix S1880FinePix S1900FinePix S2 ProFinePix S20 PROFinePix S2000HDFinePix S200EXRFinePix S200FSFinePix S205EXRFinePix S2500HDFinePix S2550HDFinePix S2600HDFinePix S2700HDFinePix S2800HDFinePix S2900HDFinePix S2950FinePix S2990FinePix S3 ProFinePix S3 PRO UVIRFinePix S3000FinePix S304FinePix S3100FinePix S3200FinePix S3250FinePix S3300FinePix S3350FinePix S3400FinePix S3450FinePix S3500 ZoomFinePix S4000FinePix S4050FinePix S4200FinePix S4300FinePix S4400FinePix S4500FinePix S4600FinePix S4700FinePix S4800FinePix S5 ProFinePix S5000FinePix S5100FinePix S5100 ZoomFinePix S5200FinePix S5200 ZoomFinePix S5550 ZoomFinePix S5600ZoomFinePix S5800FinePix S6000FDFinePix S602FinePix S602 ZoomFinePix S6500FDFinePix S6600FinePix S6700FinePix S6800FinePix S700FinePix S7000FinePix S8000FDFinePix S8100FDFinePix S8200FinePix S8300FinePix S8400FinePix S8400WFinePix S8500FinePix S8600FinePix S9000FinePix S9100FinePix S9200FinePix S9400WFinePix S9500 ZoomFinePix SL1000FinePix SL240FinePix SL260FinePix SL280FinePix SL300FinePix SL305FinePix T190 / T190WMFinePix T200FinePix T205FinePix T210FinePix T300FinePix T305FinePix T310FinePix T350FinePix T360FinePix T400FinePix T410WMFinePix T500FinePix T510FinePix T550FinePix T555FinePix T560FinePix V10FinePix V10 ZoomFinePix W3 3DFinePix X100FinePix XP10FinePix XP100FinePix XP10SEFinePix XP11FinePix XP150FinePix XP170FinePix XP20FinePix XP200FinePix XP22FinePix XP30FinePix XP50FinePix XP55WMFinePix XP60FinePix XP65FinePix XP70FinePix XP75FinePix Z1FinePix Z10FinePix Z1000EXRFinePix Z100FDFinePix Z1010EXRFinePix Z10FDFinePix Z110FinePix Z115FinePix Z2FinePix Z200FDFinePix Z20FDFinePix Z3FinePix Z30FinePix Z31FinePix Z33WPFinePix Z35FinePix Z37Finepix Z5FDFinePix Z70FinePix Z700EXRFinePix Z707EXRFinePix Z71FinePix Z80FinePix Z800EXRFinePix Z808EXRFinePix Z81FinePix Z85FinePix Z90FinePix Z900EXRFinePix Z91FinePix Z950EXRFV10FZ 5FZ 6 Tele
GA 645 ZiGA645iGA645WiGS 617GX 645 ZIGX 680 III
Instax 100Instax 200Instax 500Instax Mini 10Instax Mini 20Instax Mini 7IS ProIS-1
Mickey MouseMX-1200MX-1400MX-1500MX-1700MX-1700 ZoomMX-2500MX-2700MX-2900MX-2900 ZoomMX-4800MX-4900MX-500MX-600MX-600ZMX-6800MX-6900MX-700
Nexa 30Nexa 31NP60
Q1 DigitalQ1 Digital 4.0 IrQ1 Simply CoolQ1 Zoom
Tandem Date