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About Toshiba Batteries

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a wide selection of long-lasting, quality batteries for your Toshiba laptop, camcorder, cell phone, digital camera and much more.

Our batteries are designed to accurately fit all of your Toshiba devices, and will meet or exceed original battery specifications.

It’s easy to find your replacement, just choose the model of your Toshiba device.

Toshiba Laptop Battery Notebook Computer

Manufacturer: Toshibachange

Please choose the series of your Toshiba Laptop Battery Notebook Computer

DynaBookDynaBook AX SeriesDynaBook CX SeriesDynaBook EX SeriesDynaBook MX SeriesDynaBook Qosmio SeriesDynaBook Satellite SeriesDynaBook SS SeriesDynaBook TV SeriesDynaBook TX SeriesDynaBook TXW SeriesDynaPad
EquiumEquium L350 Series
Mini NB100 SeriesMini NB200 SeriesMini NB300 SeriesMini NB500 Series
Portege 2000 SeriesPortege 300 SeriesPortege 3000 SeriesPortege 4000 SeriesPortege 600 SeriesPortege 7000 SeriesPortege A SeriesPortege M SeriesPortege R100 SeriesPortege R200 SeriesPortege R400 SeriesPortege R500 SeriesPortege R600 SeriesPortege R700 SeriesPortege R800 SeriesPortege R900 SeriesPortege S SeriesPortege T SeriesPortege Z SeriesPresario 700 Series
Qosmio E SeriesQosmio F SeriesQosmio G SeriesQosmio X Series
Satego P200-15USatego P200-16WSatego X200-20OSatego X200-21DSatego X200-21LSatego X200-21USatego X200-21VSatelliteSatellite 1000 SeriesSatellite 200 SeriesSatellite 2000 SeriesSatellite 300 SeriesSatellite 3000 SeriesSatellite 400 SeriesSatellite 4000 SeriesSatellite 5000 SeriesSatellite A SeriesSatellite A10 SeriesSatellite A100 SeriesSatellite A105 SeriesSatellite A110 SeriesSatellite A135 SeriesSatellite A15 SeriesSatellite A200 SeriesSatellite A205 SeriesSatellite A210 SeriesSatellite A215 SeriesSatellite A300 SeriesSatellite A305 SeriesSatellite A350 SeriesSatellite A355 SeriesSatellite A45 SeriesSatellite A50 SeriesSatellite A500 SeriesSatellite A505 SeriesSatellite A60 SeriesSatellite A65 SeriesSatellite A660 SeriesSatellite A665 SeriesSatellite A70 SeriesSatellite A75 SeriesSatellite A80 SeriesSatellite C SeriesSatellite C645 SeriesSatellite C650 SeriesSatellite C655 SeriesSatellite C675 SeriesSatellite C845 SeriesSatellite C850 SeriesSatellite C855 SeriesSatellite C875 SeriesSatellite E SeriesSatellite L SeriesSatellite L10 SeriesSatellite L20 SeriesSatellite L215-S4767Satellite L25 SeriesSatellite L300 SeriesSatellite L305 SeriesSatellite L305D SeriesSatellite L35 SeriesSatellite L350 SeriesSatellite L355 SeriesSatellite L355D SeriesSatellite L40 SeriesSatellite L450 SeriesSatellite L455 SeriesSatellite L455D SeriesSatellite L500 SeriesSatellite L505 SeriesSatellite L515 SeriesSatellite L550 SeriesSatellite L555 SeriesSatellite L630 SeriesSatellite L635 SeriesSatellite L645 SeriesSatellite L650 SeriesSatellite L655 SeriesSatellite L675 SeriesSatellite L675D SeriesSatellite L735 SeriesSatellite L745 SeriesSatellite L755 SeriesSatellite L755D SeriesSatellite L775 SeriesSatellite L775D SeriesSatellite L855 SeriesSatellite M SeriesSatellite M100 SeriesSatellite M105 SeriesSatellite M115 SeriesSatellite M200 SeriesSatellite M205 SeriesSatellite M30 SeriesSatellite M300 SeriesSatellite M305 SeriesSatellite M30X SeriesSatellite M35 SeriesSatellite M40 SeriesSatellite M45 SeriesSatellite M50 SeriesSatellite M500 SeriesSatellite M505 SeriesSatellite M55 SeriesSatellite M60 SeriesSatellite M640 SeriesSatellite M645 SeriesSatellite M65 SeriesSatellite M70 SeriesSatellite P SeriesSatellite P205 SeriesSatellite P205D SeriesSatellite P305 SeriesSatellite P305D SeriesSatellite P500 SeriesSatellite P850 SeriesSatellite P870 SeriesSatellite Pro A SeriesSatellite Pro C SeriesSatellite Pro L SeriesSatellite Pro M SeriesSatellite Pro S SeriesSatellite Pro SeriesSatellite Pro T SeriesSatellite Pro U SeriesSatellite R SeriesSatellite S SeriesSatellite S205 SeriesSatellite S855 SeriesSatellite T SeriesSatellite T135 SeriesSatellite T215D SeriesSatellite U SeriesSatellite U505 SeriesSatellite X200 SeriesSatellite X205 SeriesSmall Business
T SeriesTecraTecra 500 SeriesTecra 700 SeriesTecra 8000 SeriesTecra 9000 SeriesTecra A1 SeriesTecra A10 SeriesTecra A11 SeriesTecra A2 SeriesTecra A3 SeriesTecra A4 SeriesTecra A5 SeriesTecra A6 SeriesTecra A7 SeriesTecra A8 SeriesTecra A9 SeriesTecra L2 SeriesTecra M1 SeriesTecra M10 SeriesTecra M11 SeriesTecra M2 SeriesTecra M3 SeriesTecra M4 SeriesTecra M5 SeriesTecra M6 SeriesTecra M7 SeriesTecra M8 SeriesTecra M9 SeriesTecra R SeriesTecra S SeriesTecra TE Series