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Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a wide selection of long-lasting, quality batteries for your IBM laptop, cordless phone, scanner, portable printer, PDA or UPS.

Our batteries are designed to accurately fit all of your IBM devices, and will meet or exceed original battery specifications. It’s easy to find your battery - just choose the model.

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ThinkPad X Series IBM Laptop Battery Notebook Computer

Manufacturer: IBMchange

Series: ThinkPad X Serieschange

Please choose the model of your ThinkPad X Series IBM Laptop Battery Notebook Computer

ThinkPad X20ThinkPad X200ThinkPad X200 2023ThinkPad X200 2024ThinkPad X200 2263ThinkPad X200 2266ThinkPad X200 4184ThinkPad X200 7448ThinkPad X200 7449ThinkPad X200 7450ThinkPad X200 7453ThinkPad X200 7455ThinkPad X200 7458ThinkPad X200 7459ThinkPad X200SThinkPad X200S 7465ThinkPad X200S 7466ThinkPad X200S 7469ThinkPad X200S 7470ThinkPad X201ThinkPad X201T TabletThinkPad X21ThinkPad X22ThinkPad X23ThinkPad X24ThinkPad X30ThinkPad X30 2672ThinkPad X30 2673ThinkPad X30 2884ThinkPad X30 2885ThinkPad X300ThinkPad X301ThinkPad X31ThinkPad X32ThinkPad X40ThinkPad X40 2369ThinkPad X40 2370ThinkPad X40 2371ThinkPad X40 2372ThinkPad X40 2382ThinkPad X40 2386ThinkPad X41ThinkPad X41 1865ThinkPad X41 2525ThinkPad X41 2526ThinkPad X41 2527ThinkPad X41 2528ThinkPad X41 TabletThinkPad X60ThinkPad X60 1706ThinkPad X60 1707ThinkPad X60 1708ThinkPad X60 1709ThinkPad X60 2509ThinkPad X60 2510ThinkPad X60 TabletThinkPad X60 Tablet 6363ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6364ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6365ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6366ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6367ThinkPad X60 Tablet 6368ThinkPad X60SThinkPad X60S 1702ThinkPad X60S 1703ThinkPad X60S 1704ThinkPad X60S 1705ThinkPad X60S 1706ThinkPad X60S 2507ThinkPad X60S 2508ThinkPad X60S 2522ThinkPad X60S 2524ThinkPad X60S 2533ThinkPad X60S 2534ThinkPad X61ThinkPad X61 1706ThinkPad X61 7666ThinkPad X61 7667ThinkPad X61 7668ThinkPad X61 7669ThinkPad X61 TabletThinkPad X61 Tablet 7762ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7763ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7764ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7767ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7768ThinkPad X61 Tablet 7769ThinkPad X61S