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Our established business model requires no experience and can help you achieve the dream of becoming your own boss. Our owners come from all types of backgrounds including executives, attorneys, engineers, pilots and self-made entrepreneurs.

Hear from current franchise owners on why the Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise opportunity was right for them.

Franchisee Testimonials

Dan Manwaring - "Any kind of battery you could think of? Well, that intrigued me"
First Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee

Realizing the potential of bringing a highly fragmented business altogether, Dan Manwaring and his wife, Susan, became the first franchisees of Batteries Plus back in November of 1992. Looking for a business that they could run together, the Manwarings were eager to discuss this business with founder, Ron Rezetko. After meeting with him, and doing a little research, it became apparent to them that with the increasing amount of electronic devices that would require batteries in the future, this was an ideal business to get involved in.

Brandon Boozer - "A local feel with a competitive pricing structure"
Multi-unit Franchisee since 2002, Oklahoma City, OK

After extensive research of all the franchise concepts available to he and his family, they became impressed with Batteries Plus Bulbs' long-term viability and stability. They also quickly realized that the value of being a franchisee was greater than the cost of being a franchisee. The ability to purchase in high volumes, allows local franchises to offer a robust line of products and services to both its retail and commercial customers. This gives each franchise the ability to function like a neighborhood store with all the benefits of being an extension of a nationally recognized and supported brand.

Chris Hanner - "I'm living a lifestyle I never dreamed possible"
Single-unit Franchisee since 1998, Springfield, MO

He feels this is a great opportunity for any prospective franchisee. Coming from a fast-food background, he never realized the potential profits associated with this type of business. He says it's challenging when you are getting started and you have to work hard but once you get momentum going, there's a sense of comfort knowing you're able to support your family and live a lifestyle that affords you the opportunity to do the things you want to do in life.

Steve Sutton - "The freedom to decide what I want to work on"
Multi-unit Franchisee since 1994, Columbus, OH

He says it's been hard work for he and his family, which they knew would be the case going into it. However, the business has given him freedom to decide what he wants to work on during any particular day and financial freedom for his family and him. They now live a good lifestyle, travel when they want to, and feel comfortable that they're able to support a quality staff that they can trust with their business while they're away.

Ron Bogdanovich - "I love it - the support is well worth the franchise fee"
Multi-unit Franchisee since 2009 - Atlanta, GA

When talking to other business owners, from other franchises, he realizes that Batteries Plus Bulbs has a unique relationship with its franchisees. Unlike other franchise systems, where corporate entities often dictate how a local franchisee should run their business, at Batteries Plus Bulbs, the corporate structure exists to offer help and support in addition to an established business model to follow. As a franchisor, they also provide him with new ideas and new product categories, all the while supporting his business in a way that allows him to continue doing what he does best - run his business.

Steve Cooper - "A fantastic concept with so many opportunities"
Multi-unit Franchisee since 1997, Tampa, FL

Appreciating the comprehensive line of battery and light bulb products, he enjoys being able to provide products and services for so many applications in today's market. With the ability to serve his customers in a variety of ways, he recognizes the positive impact this has on his ability to increase sales. He has also benefited from the openness of the Batteries Plus Bulbs' Franchisee community, noting that fellow owners are comfortable sharing ideas with each other and helping one another be successful.

Success Story

"I really took the time to do my due diligence - from a management standpoint, a marketing standpoint, and an industry standpoint. I really liked the feedback that I kept getting from the existing franchise owners."

Dave Cohen
Owner Since 2010