Why Invest

This business concept works – Don Tollefson - California

Proven Concept

In business since 1988, we have evolved with the expanding electronics and light bulb industries to become the nation’s largest and fastest-growing franchise in this specialized market. As a testament to our leadership position, Entrepreneur magazine has ranked us one of the top 500 franchises in America for the past 20 consecutive years and #1 in the battery category for the past five. We’re also honored to be recognized by Forbes as the #4 franchise in their mid-range investment category.


Having been in business for over 25 years, you will benefit from an effective turn-key approach to opening and operating a franchise store in our system. With every home and business continuing to need batteries and bulbs for the foreseeable future, the demand for our products and services will continue to grow, and we will remain a trusted source in these two rapidly growing industries for years to come.

Growing Industry

With 28 battery-powered devices and 61 light bulb sockets in the average U.S. household, and even more in many local businesses, the future is bright for our steadily growing franchise. Also, with 30% of iPhone® users experiencing accidental damage in the last 12 months, our new smartphone and tablet repair services will represent another revenue opportunity for you. It’s truly hard to find a franchise with greater upside in this investment range than Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Franchisee Satisfaction

Our franchisees come from all walks of life, and they are always eager to share why they love owning their own business, solving their customers’ problems and becoming a trusted local business in their community. Many of them also work alongside family and friends, building relationships and growing their businesses together, getting the necessary support from us along the way. As they continue to reinvest in additional stores – 1/3 of them opened an additional 130 stores over the last 3 years alone - we clearly see the legacies they are creating; and we are proud to be their partner, giving them an opportunity to fulfill their American Dream and pass it on to future generations.

Franchise Store Sales Growth
25 Years of Store & System Sales Growth
Average Net Sales of top Franchises
$1,357,758 Average Net Sales (Top 25%)*
Open for Business
625+ Locations Nationwide
Phone and Tablet repair services
Now Offering Smartphone & Tablet Repairs
*Net sales average of $1,357,758 is based on the net sales average for the 136 stores that represent the top 25% of all 545 stores open during the entire 2013 calendar year. Of those 136 stores, 48 stores (or 35% of the 136 stores in the top quartile) met or exceeded the net sales average (or 8.8% of the 545 stores open during the entire 2013 calendar year). See Item 19 of our 2014 FDD for further details.