Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchisees

Our established business model requires no previous industry experience and can help you achieve the dream of becoming your own boss. Our owners come from all types of backgrounds, including being former executives, attorneys, engineers, pilots, while some are also self-made entrepreneurs.

Hear from current franchise owners on why the Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise opportunity was right for them.

Dan Manwaring

Owner since 1992. First franchisee in the system. He and his wife were looking for a business they could run together.

"Any kind of battery you could think of? Well, that intrigued me."
Chris Hanner

Owner since 1998. Coming from a fast-food background, he wanted to find a better franchise model to invest in with his father.

"I'm living a lifestyle I never dreamed possible."
Ron Bogdanovich

Owner since 2009. Multi-unit franchise owner in the Atlanta, GA area. He and his wife, Noelle, were looking for a supportive franchisor to help them effectively run their business.

"I love it - the support is well worth the franchise fee."
Laura Lewis

Owner since 2008. She wanted to use her corporate management background to run her own business, without having to reinvent the wheel.

"Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I am happier today in my career than I have ever been before in my life."
Business-To-Business expert and military veteran Jane Watts
Jane Watts

Owner since 1998. A military veteran, she runs multiple women-owned and operated locations in Georgia.

"I had always wanted to own my own business. I found this, and it’s been perfect for me."

Jane Watts, along with her business partner, June Riner, opened their fourth franchise location in February of 2014. They have developed strong business-to-business ties with local law enforcement agencies. Providing specialized batteries for radar guns, they have also established themselves as authorized service centers for Streamlight flashlights, which are prominently used by police officers and firefighters. They also provide on-site services for emergency lighting systems in many government buildings and schools.

Military Leader Veteran Franchise Owner  Kurt Walker
Kurt Walker

Owner since 2005. A military veteran, he owns and operates three locations with his wife in an area heavily influenced by the military sector.

"I always knew I wanted to own my own business, and the discipline and leadership I learned in the military has given me the groundwork to be a successful franchise owner."

Kurt and Teresa Walker are hands-on owners in the Newport News/Hampton, VA area. They enjoy serving many active and retired military personnel with needs-based products for their homes and businesses. Being a veteran himself, Walker was drawn to the idea of operating within a proven franchise system when opening his own business. Utilizing many of the skills he honed during his years of service, he values the support he gets from the franchisor while also having the ability to run his business the way he wants to.

Family Franchise Business Owner Jose Perez
Jose Perez

Owner since 1995. Pursuing a “second career”, he moved his family across the country to establish a family business for the future.

"I enjoy having my family around all the time. We are able to work hard together and have a lot of fun outside of the business, too."

After retiring from a successful career in corporate sales, Cuban-born franchise owner Jose Perez and his family moved from Miami to Oregon, relocating to a scenic part of the country that reminded him of his time in Costa Rica. Today, many of his family members now work with him in his growing franchise business, including his two sons, Miguel and Tony, who have become partners in the company. With a strong presence in commercial sales, the Perez Group employees 55 people, owning and operating ten stores in Oregon and Vancouver, WA.

John Alvarez

Owner since 1996. After working at a store in the early 90s, he decided to buy into the system and become a franchisee himself.

"After starting my career working at the sixth Batteries Plus Bulbs store in the system, I’m proud to have become a franchise owner and open store number 600.”

Gaining experience from the ground up, John Alvarez worked as a store associate before becoming an owner. With a firm grasp on the company’s products and services, he was able to effectively transfer that knowledge into running multiple stores. Today, he co-owns nine stores in Ohio and Indiana. Having been involved with the company for over 20 years, Alvarez is excited about the future, offering new products like energy-efficient light bulbs and new services such as repair services for smartphones and tablets.